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Our mission is to provide high quality fabricated restorations for optimal restorative success, and provide related consulting services that will provide the dental practitioner with sufficient data to make informed decisions to meet the needs of their clients via a manner that is friendly, personable and reasonably- priced. We specialize in high quality fabricated restorations including:

- Esthetic Restorations

- Titanium Restorations

- Implants

- Precision Attachments

- CAD/CAM Titanium Milled Bars

- Hybrid Dentures(and Over Dentures)

- Consultation Services for case planning

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Serving Dental Practices with quality products and service at reasonable pricing.

We provide consulting services on the above products to the DDS

so that they may better service their patients. 

Call us at (952) 405-9295 for special pricing

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The Proteus 5X seen below is the 1st in North America to be featured at Loyd Dental Studio -Fabrication of Implant Abutments -Anatomical Designed Zirconia Substrates -Bruxiers -Cross Linked Temporaries -Chrome Cobalt Substrates (Non-Precious) -Titanium Substrates -Full Titanium Contour Crowns -Titanium Implant Bars
Proteus 5x is the latest in precision milling with the highest degree of accuracy and quality.